Reasons For Delay In Marriage

Yes, this is the burning and most annoying problem to the modern Indian society. Many reasons may contribute to this difficult situation.

Higher education and career-building of girl child is one of the main important reasons for delay in marriage. Every parent wants their girl child to get the best education so that she may not face any problem in her future life, so that she may be financially independent which may help her family and kids. For getting good and higher education, lot of money and time is required. Girls generally get over aged when they seek higher education and make extra efforts to find out a suitable and selected career for themselves.

When career of a girl is established, the parents make efforts to find a suitable match for their daughter. Naturally, a higher status of bridegroom is desired for a higher educated or advanced status girl. Advertisements are given in newspaper or matrimonial services are preferred. Some of the prospective aspirants are selected and list of options is prepared. Procedures for enquiry of antecedent of a suitable bridegroom are carried out. All this procedure consumes most of the time. Again the girl becomes more over aged. Apart from all this, astrological match making becomes a great headache. There is lot of steps involved in the marriage now days. If one finds a suitable match but astrological matchmaking is not up to the mark, one has to consider another case. In cases where match making compatibility is perfect, others factors may not match. Really, this is very annoying and big problems to get a suitable match these days for both the gender especially girls.

Due to these circumstances which are beyond control of any individual, the average marriageable age of girl which was 20-25 a few decades back has gone to 28-33 or even more now in average Indian society.

If we look at the birth chart of a girl, the reason for delay in marriage can be understood astrologically, Seventh house in a horoscope indicates the marriage bliss. This house has its own importance in interpreting the married life status of an individual. Jupiter is the significator of marriage and husband in a girl's horoscope. So placement of Jupiter should also be observed before match making and for a happy married life. In order to interpret 7th house, the following issues should be taken care of:

Remedies of married life problems include wearing of proper gem to strengthen the weak planets related to seventh house. Certain Pooja are also suggested by the astrologer to be performed etc.

Feel free to ask if you are facing delay in marriage or any marriage related issue

Article by:-Dev Kaushik

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Marriage Problems & Astrology

Parents are really concerned on the delay in marriage of their children particularly in case of daughters who grow older and older to get higher studies and to settle herself in career and a desired and respectable job as well. This has become a common phenomenon where girls do not find a suitable match at the age of say 28 and 29 years and sometimes we come across cases where girls cross even their 34 or 35 years and and find themselves deprived of the marriage bliss.

Different Yogas In Horoscope

Yogas are certain specific planetary combinations in a chart. It is observed that these yogas affect the life of an individual by giving some sort of results, positive or negative. Yogas possess the exclusive characteristics of our Indian Astrology. Though there are thousands of yogas in Indian Astrology, some of these are important and are studied commonly by Astrologers for purpose of analyzing the horoscope.

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